Catsitting Utrecht Terwijde

Catsitting in your home

Your cat deserves love and care. Even while you're away.

Feeling guilty about leaving your cat behind all alone?

Don't. I've got you covered.

I'll feed him.


I know it's the way to his heart.

I'll love him.


He'll hopefully love me back.

I'll play with him.


If he wants me to.

I'll make sure your cat stays safe and healthy.

I'll keep his litter box clean.


No smell or dirty business outside the box!

I'll clean up his mess.


E. g. Torn up belongings of the owner

Coughed up hairballs

Food he thought would fit in his belly but didn't after all. 

And when you're back?


An angel will be waiting for you.

See what else I can do for you and your cat.  

Why is catsitting in your home a good option for both you and your cat?

For your cat:


  • No stress: he stays in his familiar surroundings and follows his usual daily routine
  • Personal love and attention
  • Maintained medical and/or beauty care

For you:


  • Peace of mind while you're away: your cat is in good hands
  • No need to awkwardly ask favours from the neighbour, family or friends any more

My frequent guests said


"She always knows how to entertain me. Her shadow monsters are THE BEST."

Olly, Utrecht


"The way she rubs my belly makes me super relaxed. She does it exactly as long as I like. Not a minute shorter or longer."

Diego, Utrecht

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